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3 simple physical exercises that fight high blood pressure


Hypertension means high blood pressure and is a very prevalent disease in the adult population.

Hypertension is often referred to as the "hidden disease" because the disease is present but the patient is unaware of its presence. It is important to note that with or without clinical signs, blood pressure damages the human body in the same way and its presence is an independent cause of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, brain and increases mortality, therefore this disease should be evaluated and treated seriously.

In addition to drug treatment, sport is an important factor in those suffering from high blood pressure. According to Sandra Tsai, a cardiologist at Stanford University School of Medicine a factor in the cause of hypertension is also chronic stress, which can prevent the body from returning to resting levels, which can contribute to the development of hypertension.

But exercise, gymnastics and yoga can lower blood pressure. 30 minutes a day of exercises that include deep breathing and gymnastics can reverse the negative effects that stress leaves on blood pressure.

Below you will find illustrated the three main exercises that should be your daily routine if you want to fight high blood pressure.





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