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Accused of "cultural appropriation" / '' The Sun '' writes about Rita Ora's origin


Just a few days ago, the world-famous Albanian singer Rita Ora was criticized by users of the social network Twitter for "cultural appropriation", after some images where she is seen with African style of braided hair, photos which critics took from 2015.

Accused of "cultural appropriation" / '' The Sun '' writes about the origin of Rita Ora 1

Today, one of the most followed British media, "The Sun", has taken a look back at the extraordinary family history of the 29-year-old singer, from birth, education, growth, emigration to England and international fame.

In April 2020, Rita was open about the topic of the "fight against persecution", as her family joined the millions of other Albanians who survived the Yugoslav genocide of the Kosovo Albanian population in 1998-99. '' The Sun '' writes that the singer visits Albania as soon as she can, and was even appointed an honorary ambassador of Kosovo at the embassy in London in 2015.




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