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Confession of Valon Behrami's wife: His family are fantastic, I would like to know better Albanian


In an interview for RSI, the wife of the famous Albanian football player Valon Behrami, Lara Gut-Behrami talked about her private life and career.

The 29-year-old, overall winner of the World Cup since 2016, says she has a fantastic relationship with Valon and his family. "Valon is the love of my life. "Everything has changed since I met him."

This is a rare tale of Lara, who holds her private life very sacred. That is why she has long since deleted all her social media accounts.

"Nowhere is it written that today I have to tell everything about my life. "And no one should comment on everything about me," she said.

When asked how much of Behrami's Albanian culture she took with her, the 26-time winner of the Ski World Cup said: “I am very lucky to have met Valon and his family. They are fantastic. Only language was a problem in between. When Valoni speaks Albanian with his family, I sometimes do not understand anything. Then I have to laugh. So far I am able to speak only a few pieces of Albanian and I would like to know better.


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