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"Life really starts in the 40s. Until then, you're just doing research. "


"Life really starts in the 40s. "Until then, you're just doing research." - This is the well-known expression of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, founder of analytical psychology and with many contributions in this field.

Often this expression seems to carry within itself a dose of 'pressure' of things that a person should have achieved or understood when he reaches the age of 40 years.

The point of view is certainly very subjective, however it is known to all that many of us around this age have gained a lot of experience and knowledge that we can apply in the rest of our lives. This is also to say that rhythm and energy do not end after 40s. Below are some (subjective) recommendations on how your life after 40 can be organized.

1. Spending the weekend in bed is always a bad idea. Try to go out as much as possible over the weekend, meet friends, relatives and have fun.

2. Your social circle has always become smaller. This should not be taken as something negative, but positive, because you will already have only the right people around.

3. A while spent reading, watching and enjoying a beautiful movie, or walking is the antidote to almost everything.

4. Intimacy with someone looks nice, only if you love that person with all your heart.

5. Begin to avoid useless debates, as it seems worthless and wasted energy.

6. Understand the importance of words and how you address others if you do not want to lose them.

7. You do not help others to get gratitude from them or to be the protagonist, but because that way you feel better.

8. You understand that karma exists. What you do to others will come back one day.


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