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5 novels you can read this season


The interest and magic of reading starts at an early age in man. However, the tastes and choices of what to read change with time, also due to the increase of information, the development of the Internet, but also other factors. Thriller, love, imagination, passions, unusual events - are some of the inscribed elements of novels that we recommend you read this season.


  1. Moments of negligible happiness and unhappiness by Francesco Piccolo

Can there be negligible happiness? And how else can you call those sharp, fleeting pleasures that mark our days, igniting the minutes like matchsticks in the dark? With lightning bolts, whips and stories, Francesco Piccolo brings out with a ruthless humor the most dazzling lightnings of excitement, the rhythms, the secrets hidden in the deepest recesses that sooner or later we all have to face. Page after page, moment by moment, you are engulfed by an unstoppable stream of joy, intelligence and disgrace.


  1. The world of Sofies by Jostein Gaarder

Philosophy can teach us something about the art of living. Often, we do not have time to explain even a mysterious smile. But in this way, we also move away from pure sources of happiness. And happiness can be something as simple as discovering, that the sky is blue, or that birds fly trumpet-trumpet.


  1. Alef by Paulo Coelho

The subject of this novel is Paolo Coelho's journey through March and July 2006, across three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia - a journey through time and space, with the past and the present, always in search of themselves.


  1. The last lecture by Randy Pausch

The story of a computer science professor, who on the eve of his death from cancer, left as a legacy to his children, colleagues and students, like a bottle on the river bank, 50 really last lessons. Fulfilling childhood dreams is the key to realizing a man, according to prof. Order Paush, who thanks to the universal rules and advice he offers to the audience and the gratitude that was first expressed to parents and then to all those who enabled the fulfillment of these dreams, tears the souls of millions of people who read this publication worldwide .

  1. Measuring the world by Daniel Kehlmann

The novel evokes deeply inspiring emotions about the pursuit of the highest rationality in battle with the savage and cruel nature of humanity.

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