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It was said that she received money to declare that she was affected by the coronavirus, the Albanian singer reacts


Well-known singer Adelina Thaçi was affected by the coronavirus only a short time ago. A month ago

she managed to win the battle with the disease, proving negative. In her case they were not absent

rumors that Adelina was paid to share with others the news that she was affected by the coronavirus.

However in a recent interview the singer has not spared a response to these 'accusations'.

"How much money did you get, how much did you pay Adelina Thaçi that you admitted that she suffers from Covid", the moderator Ermal Peçi asked ironically during an interview.

"I understand your irony, but I think those who talk like that do not believe in life. I come from a family that has never had economic problems ", said Thaci, underlining that it would be absurd to expect money from this situation.


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