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After the film project, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma ready the new song


Famous singer Jennifer Lopez has excited her fans as through a post on social media has announced that she will soon launch her latest music project with Latin singer Maluma.

Lopez has shared with her 131 million followers on Instagram a short clip with behind-the-scenes views, where she appears as always sensual and in super shape.

The 51-year-old Lopez thus returns to music, after about two years of absence.

The latest songs released by JLo are "Medicine" in collaboration with rapper French Montana and "El Anillo", songs which were released two years ago.

This is the duo's first musical collaboration, JLo and Maluma, but this is not the first time they have appeared next to each other. Lopez and Maluma have recently made a comedy-romance film entitled "Marry Me", which will be launched on February 12 next year.



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