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Avoid These Habits / Factors That Most Affect Skin Aging


Various studies show that lifestyle, diet, and even the use of cosmetics and hygiene products improperly can affect the increase of facial wrinkles and aging. Here are some of the factors that most affect skin aging:

1- Lack of sleep leads to dehydration of the skin. If you sleep less than 5 hours a day this can be problematic for your skin.

  1. Lack of antioxidants in your food routine. It is recommended to eat as many carrots, squash, tomatoes, leafy vegetables, as well as consume olive oil. Also, according to a study, carbohydrates are the most important for women, while men need to eat enough protein to stay younger.
  2. Presence of canned and fried foods
  3. Showering very hot water and soap affect the drying of the skin.
  4. Lack of protein prevents skin cells from regenerating.


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