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Betrayals, domestic violence and divorces in Mariah Carey's life


Well-known singer, Mariah Carey has not spared any details about her personal life, as she confessed how she betrayed her husband, rehabilitation, domestic violence and divorces that have accompanied her throughout her life.

She has shown the period where she was married to music producer Tommy Mottola and the control he exercised, leaving no moment free.

"I could not talk to anyone because it was under Tommy's control. I could not go out or do anything. "I could not move freely even in my house," she said.

Carey, 50, has shown how she 'used' the opportunity in New York to betray her with Derek Jeter.

Carey's second marriage was to Nick Cannon, which also ended in divorce.

In 2001, Carey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which also brought her professional problems.


Source: Mirror

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