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Foods to avoid during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a beautiful period for any woman and requires a lot of care, including a very special care in the food diet.

Eating as disciplined as possible and getting the nutritional value you need to ensure the health of you and your unborn baby is essential.

Some foods and drinks are not at all safe to consume during these 9 months and you should definitely leave them out of your food menu. Below is a list of products that are not recommended for use by pregnant women.

-Avoid eating certain types of fish

Fish caught in local rivers, streams and ponds near large factories or other sources of pollution should not be consumed. Examples include salmon, bluefish, sea bass, spearfish and trout. They may contain high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls.

-Soft cheese (non-seasoned)

These types of cheeses may contain E. coli or listeri - bacteria that can cause very unpleasant health conditions for you and serious problems for your pregnancy.

-Caffeine in large quantities

Caffeine consumption should be kept under control even if you are a man who likes coffee a lot.

One cup of coffee or tea a day is considered safe, but try to keep it below 200 mg.

-Canned meat

Avoid eating ready-made meats, including salami products, because they contain the much-talked-about problematic listeria bacteria.


Unfortunately, the alcohol you consume can pass through the placenta to your developing baby. Alcohol affects cell development and makes it difficult for nutrients and oxygen to reach their targets in your baby's body.

Some types of fruits and vegetables

Please keep in mind that you may have individual intolerance to some products like bananas, lemons, tomatoes etc. You should consult your doctor to find out which foods should be avoided during this important period.

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