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The vices of Prince Harry, the rebellious and anti-conformist teenager


Prince Harry and his life continue to spark interest in pink tabloids around the world, especially when it comes to his past and relationship with his brother.

Recently a source close to the royal palace has revealed that Harry has always been the "bad boy" in his teens. The source told 'People' that he was 'problematic' in his early youth; from quarrels with the paparazzi to the consumption of alcohol or banned narcotics. According to the source, this made Prince Charles activate him later in many organizations (rehabilitation or even charity) to regulate his behavior.

These details from Harry's past seem to have become the cause of constant clashes with his brother, William.

However, an expression of stubbornness and anti-conformism has been described by some commentators as his departure from the royal family to live a life without 'protocols and prohibitions.'
Harry and Megan look very happy in Santa Barbara together with their son Archie, while their popularity continues to be great in both Europe and America.

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