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After the statement about homosexuality Gabriel Garko makes the drastic decision: You will not see me on television anymore


Invited to 'Non è la D'Urso', Gabriel Garko clarified the controversy created after his statement that he is gay.

The Italian star of cinematography said that we will not see him on television after this interview, as he denied the accusations that this statement was made to attract attention.

"I felt it was the right moment to tell the world my truth and so I did," he said in an interview.

Gabriel Garko publicly admitted in front of his ex-girlfriend, Adua de Vesco, during the broadcast of 'Grande Fratello VIP' that he had other sexual tendencies and that he had kept this a secret for years. "My first love affair was with a guy named Riccardo. I was in a relationship with him for 11 years. 14 years ago I got a house away from everyone. "Riccardo and I lived together, but we lived in a false situation." - The author has shown, among other things.

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