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Wisdom by Dritëro Agolli / Sayings about man and life


If he lived today he would be 89 years old. It is about the poet and writer Dritëro Agolli, who has left behind a wealth of works, writings and poems. The poet of the land and the homeland, of love and human emotions, "Star People" conveys below some of his most beautiful, inspiring sayings that make you reflect on life, man and love.


Love does not give, but gives it all. This may not be eternal, but eternal remains the moment.

Love is a book that everyone reads, but few reach to the last page.

Love is not taught in professional courses.

Love the woman even with mistakes, just as you love a beautiful book even with typos.

To me woman is a creature with clothes woven from grass, water and wind.

Love and art are not made by order, just as sneezing is not made by order.

Love is the first laurel, who sings in the morning of our youth.

To find true friendship cross the river, to find true sea love.

Only the language of music, wine and love does not need to be translated.

He who pursues love and does not conquer it, does not grow old.

Love makes the sky spin on the head like oranges.

Love to this day knows no plan to be fulfilled one hundred percent.

The man is the discoverer, the woman the protector of revelations.

Love is magnified by nobility and reduced by meekness.

First love is an exam to enter into true love.

If man feels neither pleasure nor pain; if you feel neither gas, nor sorrow, nor hope, one thing I tell you honestly and convincingly, let him die.

We were both so busy for work. And we do not speak and we do not come and go! Eh, stupid! Even the teeth gnash their tongues, They gnaw and stick together.

Incredible truth. I held her by the arm all day. I even encouraged him: 'Hold on!' The next day when we arrived in the village, he said to the others: 'Beat me!

Life is hard. What about death? When will someone come back to tell us

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