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How to fight the flu at home


With the arrival of the cold season, the risk of contracting seasonal viruses increases, so if you feel weak, have a fever or decreased immunity, it is best to stay home and rest.
We bring you a list of home self-care activities that will help you strengthen your immunity and get through the situation.

Sleep and rest as much as possible
Rest and sleep as much as you can when you have the flu. This is essential for a speedy recovery.

Take a steam bath
Hot and steam showers can help relieve any vibrations you may have, while hot steam can help dissolve and release sinus blockage and upper breathing.

Use honey and lemon
Honey is soothing for sore throats and also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, while lemon contains vitamin C. A hot glass of hot water with lemon and honey is an adequate drink to ward off the flu.

Keep yourself calm and in a good mood
A 2009 study found that mood can affect the immune system and the various aspects that make it work. So the more positive you are, the faster your body fights the disease.

Drink as much fluid as possible and stay hydrated
Also, not getting enough fluids can reduce your body's ability to fight infection, so make sure you drink enough fresh water during the day or other plant-based juices (mountain tea, sage, etc.).

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