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Kamala Harris celebrates her birthday today / Who is the woman who intends to make history in the US


Kamala Harris celebrates her 56th birthday today. While the engines of the election campaign are still running until midnight on November 3, the candidate for vice president seems to have captured the hearts of millions of Americans, becoming in an short time an influential figure and has created expectations.

Harris is the first American woman of color to run for such a position. She was born on October 20, 1964 in Oakland, California and grew up with Indian heritage, but at the same time embracing her Jamaican origins (her parents are two immigrants from Jamaica and India).

Her father Donald Harris a professor of economics at Stanford University, and her mother Shiamala Gopalan a researcher and human rights activist came together in the 1960s, in the African-American rights movement.

In her public appearances, Harris constantly mentions pride in the origin of her identity, but at the same time describes herself as "American."

Harris' career is diverse. With a background in economics and political science, she was entrusted with the post of chief prosecutor in the San Francisco district in 2003, before being elected the first woman of color to serve as California's attorney general. She entered the world of politics in 2016, in the race for senator where she emerged victorious over the contestants with more experience.

A human rights activist who advocates for immigration facilitation reforms, Harris is today at the forefront of women who can change America and the world if history is on their side.


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