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Experimental Theater puts on "Jul Caesar"


Shakespeare's work "Jul Cezari" will be shown today to the public of the city of Durres. The psychological drama maximally appreciated by the critics will come on stage directed by the well-known Ivica Buljan. This time the work comes in the fantastic interpretation of the actors Romir Zalla, Alfred Trebicka, Vin Bejleri, Amos Muji Zaharia, Alert Çeloaliaj, Ermira Hysaj, Ilirda Bejleri, Adriana Tolka, Ilia Kaçi, Mateo Dervishaj, Endri Çela, Engall Hoxha, E Shkreli. Director Ivica Buljan's performances have been participatory in more than 30 different countries. The drama focuses on Brutus' battle between conflicting demands for honor, patriotism, and friendship. William Shakespeare elevated poetic art to the highest peaks

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