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How to survive a Scorpio female!


We are officially in the Scorpio season (October 23-November 21).
Elements: Water sign
Key words: Tension, passion, emotions, mystery,

Famous women of this sign: Marie Curie (the first woman to win the Nobel Prize), Hillary Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush, Grace Kelly, Kendall Janner, Ciara, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Ivanka Trump, Anna Wintour

The best combination: The sign that combines perfectly with Scorpio is Crab. There is a harmony that comes so naturally between these signs, as both are given to trust and intimacy.

Scorpio is a paradox in itself. Women of this sign are dedicated, loyal and focused on their things, but on the other hand as a water sign are is very emotionally fluid and passionate. There is a lot of mystery inside it and it is one of the most given signs of intimacy by the whole zodiac. It belongs to the group of women "oh all, oh nothing!".

The female Scorpio has an extraordinary energy that is impossible to ignore. She is the queen of transformation, the 'deceiver' of love, cunning and unquestionable, the conqueror of passion and the perfect partner. I know it can be very mysterious, insidious, provocative, but also emotional. He is attracted to men with strong character, for whom he presents a challenge in itself. The female Scorpio is a flirtatious female. It would not easily give a man a heart, as he shows great care in the expression of emotions. However, a Scorpio will always be honest with you, because Scorpio women value deep spiritual ties. It is not so difficult to live with a Scorpio, as long as you follow the following tips.

Avoid games

"I admire the sincere friendship and love of Scorpios, but keep in mind that they are ruthless and can ruin your life if you touch them unnecessarily," says Bri Luna, founder and creative director of The Hoodwitch. To keep a Scorpio close, just be honest. "They do not have time for fake relationships," says astrologer Lisa Stardust.

Do not overdo it

Scorpios will give you hands if you become dramatic. "If something bothers you, express it and summarize the feelings in one sentence," says Stardust. Scorpio women have a lot of intuition so in a nutshell they would understand the situation properly. This sign is given after deep conversations. Do not be surprised if you tell your biggest secret to a Scorpio, a few hours after you meet him. "It will just increase the liking for you," says Sarah Potter, a tarot card reader.

Build trust

Scorpios will always be there for you, as long as that feeling is mutual. "Although they will not always agree with you, they will protect you to death if you do it for yourself," explains Stardust.

Do not encourage them to express themselves if they do not want to

By nature, Scorpios are selective and mysterious in nature. If you encourage them to express themselves, it will seem as if you are sticking your nose where it does not belong. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.


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