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10 most watched movies in Netflix history


With close to 170 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix continues to be one of the most watched and popular platforms in movie, documentary and TV shows.
To overcome the skepticism of all those who think the platform is not very popular, for the first time in July of this year, Netflix unveiled its 10 most watched movies of all time and since then continues to update the list

In a ranking from least watched to most watched, these are the most popular movies shown on Netflix:

10. "The Irishman" - 64 million views

9. "The Kissing Booth 2" - 66 million views

8. "Project Power" - 75 million views

7. "Enola Holmes" - 76 million views

6. "The Old Guard" - 78 million views

5. "Murder Mystery" - 83 million views

4. "6 Underground" - 83 million views

3. "Spenser Confidential" - 85 million views

2. "Bird Box" - 89 million views

1. "Extraction" - 99 million views.

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