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The 'magic' properties of avocado


Avocado is one of the healthiest fruits and nutritional values!
It is full of vitamins, in particular it contains a lot of A and D. E and K and those of group B. For every 100 grams of product 19% are fats, 7% sugars and 2% proteins. The main benefits of avocado come from the fact that it is rich in lioleic fatty acid and omega 3. It is about good fats, which help digest cholesterol.

One of the best properties of avocado is because it slows down the aging of cells. Among the antioxidants is vitamin A and vitamin E. For their presence, avocado is among the best antitumor foods.

Being rich in vitamin D, it helps in the digestion of calcium, reacting to osteoporosis and arthritis. The power of avocado is best known for colds and flu.

Among other things, it slows down aging, lowers cholesterol and serves a healthy heart. Prevents Alzheimer's, helps cure depression, has anti-flu power and is great for dry hair.

Nutritional values in a complete avocado:

114 calories
6g carbohydrate
1g protein
10.5g healthy fat (16% of daily needs)
1g of saturated fat
5g fiber
0g sugar
345mg potassium (10% of daily needs)
20mg magnesium (5% of daily needs)
6mg vitamin C (10% of daily needs)
0.2mg vitamin B6 (10% of daily needs)

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