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A virtual (spiritual) trip to Montenegro


2020 is not the year that proves best for tourism and travel, however in this article we want to take you on a virtual (spiritual) trip to Montenegro and show the reasons why it is one of the most sought after destinations in the Balkans. .

Montenegro has become one of the most attractive places for tourism today.
Tourists looking for blue seas and luxury accommodations are now coming in bulk to this gem
of the Balkans.
Beautiful nature, where the mountain and the sea join, Venetian-style luxury houses, brand shops
most popular as well as a wide space where some of the best yachts can drop anchor

A virtual (spiritual) trip to Montenegro 1
Montenegro has a picturesque coastline and also a region with mountainous relief. This place has been known for
tourists since the 1980s, and since that distant year, Montenegro is considered one of the most popular destinations
visited in Europe. For all those who want to know some of the places and tourist spots on
interesting, below is a list of them.

Part of UNESCO, the ancient city of Kotor is an architectural gem influenced by dozens of cultures
during its centuries-old history and where facts of a rich past are still found today. Considered as one
of the best-preserved medieval towns on the Adriatic coast, the fortified city of Kotor
rests on steep mountains surrounding the deep canals of the Bay of Kotor.
The thick stone walls surrounding the city were once the last line of defense among the natives.
and the invading armies, but today, are a real tourist attraction.

Budva is the largest tourist center of Montenegro, with its narrow and ancient alleys, a
fascinating city, surrounded by well-preserved defensive walls since the Middle Ages. Once upon a time, bastion against
Ottoman invaders, Budva is now a peaceful and hospitable place, which is considered by people as
the capital of Montenegro. Some of the best restaurants in Montenegro that offer traditional food
are exactly in Budva and the neighboring village of Bigovo. Picturesque Riviera as well as rich heritage
cultural make Budva one of the most popular destinations.

Ostrog Monastery
Located high on the big rock of Ostroška Greda, the Ostrog Monastery is the most
unusual architectural and a Christian pilgrimage destination. He is considered the center
spirituality of Montenegro. The whole monastery is carved from a cave into a rock almost
vertical, built as early as the 17th century as a refuge against the Ottoman Empire.

The monastery includes two interior cave churches decorated with frescoes, some of which are painted directly on
rock walls.

Durmitor National Park
Created in 1952, Durmitor National Park has a series of natural wonders. Located in an area
of 390 km2, Durmitor National Park includes 18 lakes, 48 peaks over 2,000 meters high, life of
wild and rare vegetation, as well as centuries-old forests. This is the ideal destination for all enthusiasts
after mountain hiking, mountain biking, rafting and mountaineering.

Sveti Stefan
The island of "St. Stephen" is the one that is usually described in all the tourist routes and books
guide on Montenegro. We can say that the special image of this island is a well-known business card
of Montenegro. And absolutely deserved!
Sveti Stefan is a unique place along the Budva Riviera which stands on a rocky island. IN
1950s someone gave the idea to invest in the small village. Residents were evicted and Sveti Stefan u
turned into a luxury city-hotel. Among his guests were: Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and
Kirk Douglas.

Ada Bojana
Ada Bojana is a triangular island known for its rare plants and animals, such as
and for long and beautiful beaches. According to a legend, Ada Bojana was formed around a ruin
ship, which sank in the wide mouth of the Bojana River. Bojana is a real paradise for observers
of birds and plant admirers.

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