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"Studio 2054" / Dua Lipa will hold a virtual concert on November 27


Dua Lipa has invited fans to accompany her in the virtual concert entitled "Studio 2054", which will be broadcast live on November 27 this year on online platforms.
This is the solution that the artist of Albanian origin has thought to be close to those who love her art, at a time when physical concerts have been suspended around the world, as a result of the coronavirus.
"Studio 2054" will be an evening full of music, performances, acting, dancing and much more.
During the performances she will also be accompanied by several musicians, dancers, various acrobats, and special guests whose identities have not yet been made known to the media.

As for the songs that will be performed at the concert, it is believed that Lipa will return to her previous hits and of course, for the first time will perform live some of the songs from the albums, "Future Nostalgia" and " Club Future Nostalgia ”.

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