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Some make-up ideas for the festive season, inspired by VIPs


2020 has been the year of innovations in make-up contours, but also in shades, new and most beloved hair colors.

In addition to hair color, dress and accessories, make up is a very important element that makes us look festive and get involved in the magic of celebrations. Undoubtedly, makeup for Christmas or New Year should be something that stands out, a touch of elegance that distinguishes glamorous beauty and that you do not use in your daily life.

The golden make-up is full of light and immediately gives the glamorous effect. The most important thing is to choose the right shade depending on your skin and hair color type.Once you see some of the most beautiful and inspiring makeup ideas you will want the festive season to come as soon as possible.

In case you need inspiration, the VIPs below suggest some ideas:

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