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Bebe Rexha nostalgic for the past: I miss the simple life


The world-famous Albanian singer, Bebe Rexha, is very nostalgic for the past and she does not hesitate to show this to her fans on social media.

Recently, the artist of Albanian origin has published on social networks Instagram and Facebook a photo from her past, where she appears with her brother, Florentin, when they were little.

"Good old days with Florentine. Take me back to simple life", Wrote the Albanian artist in the caption of the photo.

Bebe Rexha and her brother Florenti are the only children of parents Flamur and Bukurije Rexha from Dibra, Macedonia.

They grew up in the United States of America, but preserving the Albanian language, culture and traditions, which Bebe has often expressed that she is very proud of.

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