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The presentation of the ART Song Festival is expected to be entrusted to Jonida Vokshi


Only a few days ago, RTSH made public the list with the names of the singers participating in the 59th Song Festival, but no announcement was made about the moderator who will direct the biggest competition of Albanian light music this year.

Yet the media is alluding to it as a name. It is about Jonida Vokshi

Invited to TCH today, Jonida was asked "Will you present the end-of-year festival, since they proposed it?" After a few minutes of silence, Jonida said "who proposed me?", An attempt to avoid the question. After the insistence of the two moderators, the actress accepted the proposal from the organizers and said that she is thinking about it.

Sources from the Albanian Radio Television suggest that this year the song festival will be held in special conditions of the pandemic, respecting the rules set by the Ministry of Health. The place where the Festival will take place, the number of nights, the type of jury, etc. have not been announced yet.
Many of these questions will be answered by the many friends and lovers of the Song Festival the next day when the staff of the Song Festival on the Albanian Radio and Television will have a meeting with the authors and performers of the competing songs.

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