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The natural antibiotics we have at home


Before the 1990s, children used fresh garlic juice before taking them to the doctor for tonsillitis to be given antibiotic treatment. And not a few children escaped penicillin at that time. Garlic was also used when young had intestinal parasites because the presence of live garlic in the body killed them etc. Apple cider vinegar is also used as a gag to soothe a sore throat and flu symptoms.
Garlic, onions, ginger and apple cider vinegar are natural antibiotics with magical properties in your body and boost immunity.

The products that serve as natural antibiotics are at home, it is enough to use and combine them in juices or together with food:

- Garlic and onions. They are very effective in fighting fungal infections.
-Ginger. It is anti-inflammatory and stimulates blood circulation.
-Apple vinegar, which contains pectin, which keeps cholesterol levels low and regulates blood pressure. Malic acid contained in apple cider vinegar fights infections and bacteria.
-White beet protects the liver from intestinal toxins while in ancient times Hippocrates also used it to treat the lungs.

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