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Infected with Covid-19, Alketa Vejsiu recounts quarantine experiences


While a few days ago he announced that he was affected by COVID-19, Alketa Vejsiu has recently decided to tell widely about this experience and the days of quarantine at home. The moderator answered all the questions of the followers from the quarantine, the first symptoms to the absence of children and other loved ones that she could not meet and stay close to.


"I was quarantined in a separate room. I have people at home who have helped me. Favorite food chicken soup with lemon and a little rice (super hit of quarantine), that I did not feel any taste or aroma. Luckily the family and the people of the house have all enjoyed full health after doing the tampon and blood test! For two weeks I kept a mask at home, and alcohol with me for everything I touched!

First day temperature 37.2 and fever. I had a cold! Then 3 days nothing, a little slight headache, a little cold! I suspected when the taste and smell went away (which was the most annoying symptom in my case). I did the tampon and it came out positive! This virus has two bad things: It starts easily and on the fifth day it breaks. The first day you always have the idea that you have nothing, you just have a cold. It also creates the idea that you do not catch family people and you are always redeemed with them. Caution all the time. The children were negative, but children in schools and kindergartens are carriers and transmitters so they need awareness work to reduce the probability of infection as much as possible. On the fifth day you become nervous and when you start reading online virus diaries you feel and fear! Ah, I was doing a scanner too. At the beginning and end of two weeks. Mild signs in the lungs, the easiest case the doctors said, but what my eyes have seen in the senatorium, lung CD in serious condition. I pray that anyone who is struggling will pass it easily! Who passes easily to thank God!


Yes the first day I was completely broken. No power. You have a kind of debulese that is normal. This virus demoralizes you, makes you nervous. Speak only to people who give you strength and do not panic. Dr. Pipero gave me a nice piece of advice: “Learn to love the crown, you have to live with it for a few days. "The virus is not intended to kill you or the human, it has simply found habitat in the human body to close its cycle." You have to be defeated with a positive opinion because it has this effect, when you go through it you think of strange things ", Alketa said.

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