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Between passion and challenges, Anjeza Dyrmishi recounts the journey she took as a photographer


By Fatima Gorezi

The successes of Anjeza Dyrmish, the well-known Albanian photographer, are consecutive, as she has turned her work into art, bringing a unique style of photography. Colors, energy, style, elegance, thought, sense of beauty, deep artistic spirit seem to be the words that come to mind as you look at the photo gallery shot by her hand.
In this interview for STAR PEOPLE we invite you to read Anjeza who talks about beauty, her art and important moments that have marked her life and career, as an existential meaning of a man who has seen the world through the magnificent window of the camera photographic, from where all its energy and motivation seems to come from.

Anjeza, you have worked several sectors of professional photography promoting campaigns for global brands. Your work has been printed on the front pages of many magazines. When you go back, how do you remember the departure?

My story with photography started at a young age. It has always been a great passion of mine. Getting started is always difficult. When I go back in time, I remember it with a lot of emotion, but at the same time the vicissitudes of the beginning come to my mind. It takes a lot of hard work to get your name out there. It is not enough just talent that is a gift from nature, but it also takes a lot of work and perseverance. This is how I always remember my beginnings, a lot of work and ambition, which accompany me even today.

What are the most difficult challenges you have encountered during all these years of professional journey?

One of the first difficulties I encountered is building trust in people. Today people know my work and come for Anjeza convinced in their choice. When you are young, they do not recognize your talent and art, and this is a challenge in itself for every artist. The difficulties are many, working in an often unorganized market, where anyone amateur or not has the opportunity to take pictures is another challenge nowadays. The important thing for me is that every person who comes to my studio comes out of it happy, then the difficulties are overcome and easier.

Who was your biggest influencer? Did you have a model?

Personally, everything inspires me, the daily life of our society, including the smallest details. But, of course like any other artist and professional and I get professionally inspired and inspired. Annie Leibovitz is the photographer who has inspired me the most. I am inspired by her strong personality and the fact that and why after so many years she continues this profession with a lot of passion. The portraits she makes are iconic. Her photos are an example of art that never dies.

Between passion and challenges, Anjeza Dyrmishi narrates the journey she took as a photographer 1

Which would you single out as your most special photograph, the one that carries a special story or memory for you personally, emotionally?

There are many pictures of me which are special and carry special memories. Each of my photos reminds me of a story or carries a special emotion. I am an incredibly emotional and romantic person, and that increases my sensitivity to everything. I can also perceive details that others do not notice. I can not single out any pictures, each has its own story, memories and emotions.

What is beauty about Anjeza? Subjects that become part of your focus, is it a condition that they must necessarily be beautiful first?

As I said above I am a person who is inspired by every detail. Beauty can be found everywhere. The artist finds beautiful in every corner. To me everything that forgives emotion and feels is beautiful. For me as a photographer, beauty is the feeling it receives and transmits.

Has technology changed / influenced the photography industry? Is this a positive or negative change?

Technology has certainly had an impact as in any other area of life. Its impact can be described both negatively and positively. Due to the great technological development that the world has undergone today, we have extremely high quality apparatus products that make our work even more beautiful. But this great development has also led to the creation of numerous programs where the photos are worked so much that the originality is lost. I as a photographer always tend to be as close to nature and truth as possible.

As we look at the range of photos it seems that emotion, the feeling conveyed through photography is your strong point. How easy or difficult is it to penetrate the personality of the character, inside him?

As we mentioned a little while ago, I believe I have it in my nature to be able to penetrate inside any character I photograph, to be able to look at and capture details that are invisible to many angles. I believe that this was born with me, but it certainly helped the work of the profession to strengthen it more and more.

Is there a public figure you want to photograph but have not yet done?

I am not one of those people or artists who adore people from afar without knowing them because it has often happened to me in my professional life that I have been disappointed by them. The important thing for me is to photograph a person who is real and not fake like some of the public figures. Therefore, for me it does not matter if you are a public figure or not, it is worthwhile for them to be real.

What is Anjeza's biggest ambition in life, as a person and as a photographer?

I will express this in a few words, to be a person as real as possible and professionally to be able to take pictures that will always resist time.

Between passion and challenges, Anjeza Dyrmishi narrates the journey she took as a photographer 4

Anjeza Dyrmishi with her husband, videographer Endrit Bardhi



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