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The Turkish film "The Miracle in the 7th Cell" is nominated for an Oscar


The Turkish movie "The Miracle in the 7th Cell" was very popular during the spring quarantine where it was shown on the 'Netflix' platform. Recently good news has come to all his fans. The film has been nominated for the prestigious Oscar award in the category of best international film.

The film is a production of 2019, directed by Mehmet Ada Ozekin and with a wonderful interpretation of famous Turkish actors: Aras Bulut Iynemli, Nisa Sofiya Aksongur, Celile Toyon, Ilker Aksum, Mesut Akusta, Deniz Baysal, etc.

He tells the story of a father (Memo) who suffers from some mental disorders and his daughter (Ova).

Ova and Memo lead a normal life despite Memos disorder. An accident changes their lives. A little girl hits her head on a rock and dies. Next to her is Memo and the blame lies with him. Memo is put in jail while his little girl tries to find witnesses to free her father from jail. Memo is initially mistreated in prison but when inmates realize he has a mental disorder they decide to help him.

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