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Won the "Icon of the Year" award, Jennifer Lopez: As a Latin and as a woman I worked 2 times to get what I wanted


Jennifer Lopez was honored with the "Icon 2019" award at the "People's Choice Awards 2020".

The artist of "Love Don't Cost a Thing" was praised for her work, contribution and figure as a singer, actress and also for her career.

After receiving the award, Jennifer delivered a thank you speech and some messages.

"Before 2020 we were obsessed with winning this award, 'fighting' over who sold the most records or the craziest things. "This year showed us what mattered most and what did not, and for me, it reinforced what mattered most."

Lopez, who has three decades of career in television, stage and cinema in her speech, also gave some messages of perseverance and achievement, referring to her journey to success.

"As Latinos and as women, we sometimes have to work twice as hard to get this opportunity. Sometimes my dreams and ambitions made people around me nervous, saying to me: 'you are a dancer, you can not be an actress'. "The more they said I could not, the more I knew I had to do it," she added. "So now I stand here, very grateful, knowing that the true measure of my success is not in the records sold, but in the love I feel from all of you."

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