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'People' / Michael B. Jordan is the 'sexiest man in the world'


Michael B. Jordan has been chosen by People magazine as the 'sexiest man in the world'. The 33-year-old actor gets this rating after the singer John Legend who was chosen the sexiest man last year.
As he posed on the cover of People magazine, Michael said: "It's a good feeling. People have always teased me and joked with me, telling me this is the only title I would never win. "But in fact, this is a good club to be part of."
The "Black Panther" star has also revealed that the women in his family are definitely proud of his fame and success, and revealed that his late grandmother had a tradition of collecting magazine issues with the stars of selected as "The sexiest man in the world". "She would be proud of me today," Jordan was quoted as saying.


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