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Joe Biden celebrates the 78th birthday, popularity and maturity of the 46th US President


US President-elect Joe Biden celebrates his 78th birthday today.

While waiting to face the biggest health and humanitarian crisis of the century, after taking office in January 2021, Biden on the other hand is trying to show Americans and the world that age is just a number.

Brian Ott, a communications professor at Missouri State University who studies presidential rhetoric, said Biden's speech about victory was touching and his sensitivity was shown in a virtual discussion he held earlier this week with care workers. health on the first line of the pandemic. The experience of the elected president - a combination of age and nearly 50 years of history and career in politics - conveys more clarity, optimism, maturity and confidence to Americans.

Delaware State Senator Joe Biden was first elected in 1972.
In the first steps of his career, he sided with the colored community who opposed the court order that the school bus be for white students only.

Meanwhile, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991, he oversaw Supreme Court rulings.

Biden has also been a prominent advocate of the 1994 anti-crime bill, which according to part of the left, encouraged long sentences and mass imprisonment.

An early figure of the political scene in Washington, Biden has extremely strong credentials when it comes to foreign policy. Also known as "The man who supports the middle class", he tried to secure the support of the citizens who were hesitant.

As a former member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he still speaks with great passion about strengthening America's leading role in the global order.

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