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Life in the 'White House' / Melania Trump coming soon with a diary


American media report that Melania Trump is preparing to write a memoir, with the moments spent in the White House.

"Melania is holding meetings to write a memoir," anonymous sources told the New York Post.

According to the newspaper Donald Trump is thought to be the person who encouraged his wife in the project which, according to sources, could lead to a bestseller as the market for Trump books has always had interest.
Recall here that incumbent President Trump is also the author of a series of books on topics mainly focused on financial education, motivation and entrepreneurship.
But it seems that Melania will not be the only one who will reflect the memories of the White House in a book. According to the New York Post, Trump himself could snatch a multimillion-dollar contract to commemorate his four years in the White House once he takes office in January.

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