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George Clooney: Amal changed my life, I never thought I would become a father


In an interview with CBS on the occasion of his new film "The Midnight Sky", George Clooney talked about his family and his relationship with Amal.

"I never thought about marriage or children before I married Amal, but everything changed when I met her," said Clooney.

"There is no doubt that Amal changed everything for me. "It was the first time that everything she did or anything about her was more important to me than anything else," the 59-year-old actor added.

Amal and George were married in 2014 in a luxury ceremony in Italy and are the parents of two little ones Alexander and Ella.

In this interview he also talked about the period of isolation during the spring months. Clooney has expressed that during this period he is also engaged in housework, washing clothes or cleaning the floor.


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