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'' I wanted to leave school '' - Nevina Shtylla shows the difficult period after she was announced '' Miss Albania ''


10 years ago, Nevina Shtylla snatched the crown of "Miss Albania". At that time, she was 16 years old and triumphed among 32 beauties from all over the country. But although this was a great achievement that would later open the doors of television and career, for him it seems that not everything has been easy.

Recently she has expressed that she felt bullied and mistreated by some teachers in high school, so much so that not a few times she had thought of dropping out of school.

"I will remember a difficult period because I was young. I hardly woke up to run away to the gymnasium, I tried to explain to my parents with this reserved type of mine. I did not express myself enough but I overcame it with a lot of difficulty. I wanted to leave high school altogether.

I have had some kind of pressure from some specific teachers, not from all absolutely.

But if they are targeted, they almost blacken life, it can turn into bullying. "They may not be able to perceive what they are really doing, but they have to be really careful," she said.

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