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4 auspicious foods that should not be missing from your New Year's table


After the Christmas table, the focus and attention of every housewife is the New Year dinner. In addition to the turkey and the classic baklava that is a tradition for us Albanians, there are also some traditional foods that above all are considered auspicious (especially in a difficult and challenging year like 2020) that should not be missing from your table.

grapes: To Spaniards and Mexicans, the grape is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and money. Tradition says that 12 grapes should be eaten before the scorpions knock at midnight and so you will be lucky in everything you do in the coming year.

pomegranate: You can use pomegranate in one of the meals or place an open pomegranate in a corner of the house. It is the symbol of fertility and wealth.

Pork: Mainly in Protestant countries (Germany, Austria) but also in countries like Portugal and Cuba the presence of pork on the table is considered auspicious and symbolizes progress; this is also because the pig is one of the few animals that never walks backwards, so progress will be on your side.

lentils: For our Italian neighbors, lentils are the dishes that should not be missing at all at the end-of-year dinner. This ancient Roman tradition symbolizes money and prosperity. It is a tradition widely used in Albania as well.



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