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Study / Big sister is the key to success in life


Having an older brother means always having someone there to protect you, but having an older sister means having the best counselor there for a successful life.

According to a study children growing up with an older sister may be more successful in the decisions they make.

The researchers found that older sisters develop more activities that help children develop and are very important in shaping ideas, dreams and worldviews about life.

To explore the impact of having an older sibling around, researchers surveyed 552 families in Kenya, including 699 young children who had an older sibling, ages 7 to 14.

To find out who was offering the most stimulation to young children, the researchers surveyed the children's parents. They asked how many activities - such as singing, reading and playing - different members of the household are engaged with young children.

On average, it turned out that older sisters engaged in more stimulating activities with their younger siblings than any other member of the household. This was not the same result for the older brothers.

When analyzing all the data, the researchers found that having an older sister significantly improves young children’s vocabulary and motor skills of the mind.


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