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5 most profitable movies of 2020


The year 2020 was not an ordinary year at all even in terms of the cinematography industry.

The entire industry was significantly affected by the closure of cinemas as a result of the pandemic, and the suspension of movie premieres.

However, some movies managed to collect satisfactory sums of money from ticket sales across world cinemas.

The first place in this list is held by the movie full of action and humor scenes, "Bad Boys for Life". Launched on January 17, 2020, the third sequel to the "Bad Boys" saga, which after 17 years in the protagonist roles returned actors, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, managed to position itself at number one on the world box office thanks to $ 424 million collected within the year. The film was made with a budget of 90 million dollars.

The second most profitable film of 2020 is the latest project of the director, Christopher Nolan, "Tenet", which is also the first high-budget film that was launched during the pandemic. With a realization budget of 205 million dollars, this project from the launch in September of this year, managed to collect a total of 361.4 million dollars. However, this amount is considered insufficient for a film of this size.

"Sonic the Hedgehog" is a comic adventure, which ranks third in the list of most profitable movies of 2020.

In fourth place is a family movie, starring "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. The project entitled "Dolittle" that tells the story of a veterinarian who manages to communicate with animals, marked its premiere on January 17 this year and so far has managed to collect a total of 246 million dollars. A total of $ 175 million was spent on this film.

While the fifth most profitable film is "Birds of Prey". This project based on the comic books "DC Comics" and which is a sequel to the movie "Suicide Squad", in the protagonist role brought the Australian actress, Margot Robie. Since its release in theaters on February 7, the film has grossed a total of $ 201 million.


Source: AP

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