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The Weekend: 2020 is a bad year, but it has inspired me artistically


The Weeknd has started working on his next album; an album which according to the singer's statements is inspired by the pandemic and protests of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

The music star has expressed that the main events that have characterized the year 2020, have made him more inspired and creative in terms of music.

"During this pandemic I was more inspired and I was more creative than when I was traveling on tour. "The pandemic, the 'Black Lives Matter' protests, and the tensions of the American presidential election, have generally created a sense of gratitude for what I have in life and the relationships I have with people close to me," the Canadian singer was quoted as saying. .

His latest album released in February 2020, "After Hours", is among the best projects of the singer, although he was not nominated for any "Grammy".

The singer publicly reacted to the neglect of his album by the organizers of the world's leading music ceremony, posting a message on Twitter in which he wrote: "'Grammy Awards' continue to be corrupt. "You owe me, the fans and the industry, transparency."


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