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First Christmas as Gigi and Zayn's parents


"HollywoodLife" writes that Gigi and Zayn have never been happier than they have now become parents. According to popular media they now have a common goal and are fully united. "They had a wonderful Christmas this year and this day was so special because they celebrated it through their daughter's eyes. They realize that their daughter did not know exactly that Christmas was different from every other year, but Zayn and Gigi were excited and will look at that day as wonderful nostalgia when they grow old. It is these moments in their lives that show them both that they really have it all. "Said a source for the well-known media.


Zayn did not share any other photo with the little one except the first photo after her coming to life, when he published a photo of his hand and the girl.

Meanwhile, we can not say the same about Gigi, who sweetens us from time to time by posting photos with her newest and best friend, but still without revealing her portrait and name.

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