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Adriano Celentano's 83rd birthday, music history legend celebrates birthday today


With an artistic career full of 60 years, Adriano Celentano is the legend of Italian music with fans and benefactors around the world, where the first place after the Italians is undoubtedly occupied by Albanians.

With over 70 million records sold, Celentano continues to remain the most discussed Italian character, who is also active with reactions and controversy on social phenomena in Italy, often shooting the politics of the time.

Today, the music legend has turned 83 years old. According to Italian media, he is in fairly good physical condition, but is living isolated due to the pandemic.

Asked the day before in a phone call on Italian television whether or not he will do the vaccine, based on the many theories circulating, the singer said firmly: "I have never done the vaccine, but now I agree to do it and Claudia too. ”

He can be described as the man of music history and not only. Celentano, in addition to being a well-known singer and songwriter, is also an actor, comedian, director and showman.

The lyrics of his songs continue today to be an inspiration for the time, for the different generations and stages through which modern society seems to be going, bearing the stamp of eternity.


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