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Ring with more than 12 thousand diamonds enters the Guinness Book of Records


How many diamonds can a single ring hold? When you think about it, it 's really imperceptible, but Harshit Bansal, the founder of Renani Jewels in Meerut, India, has set a world record by placing a ring full of 12,638 diamonds, thus becoming part of the Guinness Book of World Records.

The ring, called Marigold or "Ring of Prosperity" is in the shape of a flower and weighs 165 grams. It has a circular belt adorned with thousands of natural 38.08 carat diamonds.

Bansali said he was first inspired to break the record for a diamond-studded ring in 2018 while studying jewelry design.

Bansali said he had already returned requests from buyers who had made the first bids.

"We have no plans to sell the ring. It is a matter of pride for us. "Marigold has an invaluable value."


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