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3 books on self-development that you should read during 2021


You do not have to read a mountain of books every year to make a real and significant difference in your life. But of course while reading books on self-development you should keep in mind that it is not reading that makes you successful in life, but applying what you read.

These are 3 of the most popular books in the field of self-development that you should read this year:

'' The Success Principles '' by Jack Canfield

This book is a book with practical guides and helps you set goals, habits, money, success, etc. The book also talks about success in the digital age and how you can use the power of technology to achieve success.

'' Big Magic '' by Elizabeth Gilbert

Based on her personal stories and from other artists in history, Elizabeth Gillbert explains how fear is a natural part of the creative process and encourages everyone to pursue a creative career with courage. He talks about creativity as something magical and says that we should be brave and open our hearts to him.

If you are involved in one way or another in a creative career, then this book deserves a place on your shelf.

''13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do' 'by Amy Morin

Positive thinking is overrated and sometimes misleading.

Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, learned this when she lost the most important people in her life, one after another. As she reflected on things during the darkest period of her life, Amy realized that being optimistic was not the best way to cope with grief. In her book, she argues that to become mentally strong you need to focus on giving up bad habits.

"Being mentally strong does not mean looking strong. You should not behave like a robot or appear to have a stern appearance when you are mentally strong. It's about acting according to your values. "


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