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Pope Francis on the cover of "Vanity Fair" with a message of hope for a better 2021


"Vanity Fair" has dedicated the opening cover for 2021 to Pope Francis with the message of love and hope: "We are all in the same boat, we must become a great human family."

"This is the message of Pope Francis, to face 2021 with love and hope", reads the cover of the magazine.

"We had a dream, at Vanity Fair, for the end of 2020: to start the new year with a message from Pope Francis, to entrust the task of opening 2021 with confidence in a brighter tomorrow. ", writes in his editorial the director of the magazine Simone Marchetti.

This is the second time for Pope Francis to appear on the cover of the renowned magazine of culture, beauty and fashion.

In July 2013, after the Pope's trip to Lampedusa, the magazine named him "Man of the Year".

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