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Bleona Qereti, the first Albanian artist who received the vaccine against Covid-19


Bleona Qereti is the first Albanian artist to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The singer, who has lived in Los Angeles for more than a decade, posted a photo on Instagram, where she appeared in a nurse's uniform, and in her caption she showed that she had just been vaccinated against Covid-19, showing even sheets -issue issued after receiving the vaccine by US health authorities.

She has also recommended and called on her fans and followers on Instagram not to hesitate to get the vaccine.

"I have just been vaccinated and I strongly recommend anyone who is able to get the COVID-19 vaccine to get it. It is time to step on top of the virus and defeat it once and for all. PS: This photo is from the movie I shot last month - it has not been released yet, but I wanted to show my gratitude to the workers of the first front - our real heroes! '' - Bleona writes on Instagram, among other things.



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