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Prince Philip will soon be 100 years old / Will he "avoid" the royal tradition?


Prince Philip will turn 100 on June 10, but just like Queen Elizabeth last year, he does not intend to celebrate his birthday as we are used to seeing from time to time in typical royal ceremonies.

"The Telegraf" writes that he does not intend to celebrate the historic moment with excessive celebrations, preferring to stay away from media attention.

This is not the first time the prince wants to maintain a low public profile and maximum confidentiality. In fact since 2017 he chose to retire from public life after devoting about 70 years to the country.

"The prince is not interested in planning anything. We will see how Elizabeth will wait for this decision, who has been rumored for months that she was planning an unforgettable party for her '' - local media report.

Yet the only part from which Prince Philip will not be able to "escape" is the tradition of delivering a congratulatory telegram from Queen Elizabeth. This tradition is respected throughout the UK for every individual who celebrates its 100th anniversary domestically. On the 100th birthday citizens receive a congratulatory telegram from Elizabeth

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