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Weekly Horoscope / Stars will favor in finance and love only these signs


DASHI March 21 - April 20

There is a risk that the climate in the couple will not be very warm during this week. Both you and your partner will be stubborn and will not tolerate at all. Singles will not only have interesting encounters, but will quickly think about creating a relationship. In fact, the people who will harass you are interesting. In the financial plan everything will go well. You will not spend casually and no difficulties are expected. Jupiter will help you get where you want in the professional sector. You will successfully overcome the challenges that will come your way.

DEMI April 21 - May 21

This week will be full of surprises for your life as a couple. You will like both originality and fantasy. There will be moments when you harass or oppose your partner and the atmosphere will be tense. Single women will be quite attracted to adventures and will not prefer to start a serious relationship. With finances you have to show diplomacy and not make unthinkable expenses. In the professional plan, things are expected to go very well. They will be given excellent opportunities to consolidate the situation.

TWINS May 22 - June 21

This week you should not even pet her too much, but neither should you neglect your partner. Treat it well and give it its due. The stars on the other hand advise you to think a hundred times before you speak. Single women, under the influence of the Moon, will not have luck in love so they will be left alone again. In the financial plan you will need to take strategic measures in order to stabilize the budget. At work the environment will be tense and strong rivalry. You will have to make some difficult but necessary choices.

CRAB June 22 - July 22

Everyone who is in the couple will have a more electrifying and innovative week. Silence will finally leave your life and you will feel better. Single women will be looking for the right person all week, but only in the last few days will there be real opportunities to find him. Finances will have neither improvements nor difficulties. Try to spend wisely. At work do not trust all those who will offer their help.

PLAY July 23 - August 22

Those who are in the couple will start thinking about the future and will make some plans. The stars advise you to be realistic and not to dream too much. Single women will not be privileged in the love sector. Try not to fall into pessimism, but take advantage as much as you can of the freedom you have. Equilibrium will prevail in the financial plan. You will know well how much to spend so that the budget is not shaken. At work you will have all the means to overcome obstacles and get to where you have always dreamed.

VIRGO 23 August - 23 September

Any taboos you have had in your life as a couple will fall this week. Take advantage of the warm environment that will be created and spend more time with your partner. For single women there is a possibility of a beautiful meeting in the middle of the week. Take advantage, but take things in stride. Finances will start to improve a lot thanks to a great help that someone will give you. Even for professional life it will be a successful week. Some will be given a good proposal which should not be missed.

LIBRA 24. September - 23. October

In general the climate in the couple will be good during this week. You need to continue to be tolerant and understanding with what you have on hand. Single women, although they will not expect it, will have an impressive meeting from the first day. Prepare for strong emotions. Finances will be good so you can make some important investments. The Sun and Mercury will give you more vitality and resistance. Those who suffer from any kind of allergy should be slightly protected, while others will have no worries. At work you will find it difficult to concentrate and judge properly. Be careful because in fact on Thursday or Friday you will have to make important decisions on which the future depends.

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22

The relationship with your partner will start to improve this week, although again you will be a little stubborn about some things. Tolerance must prevail at all times. Single women will manage to realize the long-awaited meeting even though the person will not actually be a blue prince. Revenues will improve day by day. Try to always be prudent with spending. At work you will find it easier to get where you want because you have time to try. You will not lack courage.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21

At the beginning of this week you will have a lot of disagreements and debates with what you have on hand, which will upset you immensely. As the days go by things will calm down and cooperation will be restored. For some bachelors, an early friendship can turn into passionate love. In the financial plan you should not risk too much to buy what you like. The situation is not yet stable. Those who suffer from heart disease should be very careful. At work, the most privileged will be those who work in construction, artisans, teachers and researchers in any field.

CAPRICORN 22. December - 20. January

The relationship as a couple will not be at all as you expected this week. Debates will be endless and you will often get bored with each other. Single women will have the most important meeting of their lives and will create a very strong bond. For finances to continue to be good, be sparing with expenses. The time has not yet come to buy everything you like. For good health you need to be careful with food and sleep. Sugars should be avoided as much as possible. The Sun and the Moon will be on your side in the professional plan. Little by little you will achieve all the goals you had set for yourself.

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19

You will be very nervous during this week and you will not be annoyed by every little detail. The partner will not know how to behave because in fact you will be impatient. You would do well to stay a little alone. Single women will endlessly benefit from their freedom and will not want to make a connection at all. Finances will be good if you are careful with spending. At work you will get the support of bosses to start a long-term and difficult project.

PISCES February 20 - March 20

You will check your partner more carefully and prudently during this week. You have some doubts because of which you can not be calm. As the days go by you will realize that everything is a wrong idea of yours. Singles will be quite attracted to people much younger than them. Maybe because you want to experience madness and stronger emotions. In the financial plan do not start any operation without being safe. At work you will roll up your sleeves and do everything from scratch. You will get a little tired, but the results will be great. It is certain that the routine will end.

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