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Kamala Harris shines on VOGUE cover, People's Vice President talks about New America


Kamala Harris, the US Vice President, posed for the cover of Vogue America magazine for the beginning of the year. Harris who went down in history as the first female vice president, who at a young age was surrounded by adults who were part of politics. Apparently this would also be one of the reasons that would then influence what would later become her journey into politics.

Her father Donald Harris, a professor of economics at Stanford University, and her mother Shiamala Gopalan, a researcher and human rights activist, met while they were recent graduate students and part of the civil rights movement at the University of California. Berkeley.

Aware that she is writing the story, Harris recognizes the weight of being consistently first, while promising not to be the last woman in that task and this is also part of her appeal to society. "Vice President Harris has already been the 'first' many times in her career," says Michelle Obama. "She is a woman who knows what she is doing. This is not about trying to please everyone or to prove to certain people that she is good enough for the job. Kamala Harris would not be where she is today if she let this thing become decisive for her. ”



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