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Jessica Alba routine for a perfect weight and body


Although on television she seems to have an ideal weight and perfect body, Jessica Alba admits that there have been different periods when she has gained a few extra pounds, but that she has managed to normalize them by following the routine of a healthy combined nutrition. with a light workout.

This is the routine with which she lost 5 pounds and continues to keep her body in shape every day:

Smoothie for breakfast

By making a rich and healthy smoothie in the morning, you will fill your body with rich nutrients, give it enough energy to start the day and endure without hunger until lunch.

Make green smoothies with protein powder, avocado, chia seeds, spinach and almond milk and you will see how the body and the whole body will change.

Before lunch she also recommends consuming dried fruits as desired to break the hunger.

Lunch and dinner

Respect the important "four". Try to have four things on your plate: protein, healthy fats, fiber and greens.

In combination, this dish will regulate about 8 hunger hormones and balance blood sugar levels.

Physical activities

As for exercise, she says there is no better activity than walking or jogging in nature

She also combines outdoor activity and fresh air with her fitness routine 2 or 3 times a week.

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