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'Eurovision' makes the decision / What should an artist do if he is not allowed to travel because of Covid-19


"Eurovision 2020" will take place on May 22 this year and will be broadcast on BBC One.

Since September last year, the entire team behind Eurovision has evaluated their possibilities on how to realize the European music competition without damaging its content and professionalism.

The organizing team of the show has explained on their website that tickets for the 2020 show will still be valid this year. However, it is unclear whether there will be an audience, in line with COVID-19 restrictions.

The peculiarity of this year is that if any of the singers cannot be present due to COVID-19, he will be allowed to submit a recorded version of his performance.

This has opened up controversy and has been deemed unfair by some media or states because singing live is much more difficult, but organizers have stressed that there are strict guidelines that artists must follow, which include “recording will be done on time real (as it would be in the competition) without making any edits to the vocals or any part of the post-registration performance ”.

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