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Vitamin that works wonders on your face


Have you ever wondered what is the vitamin that works wonders on your face?

Certainly yes. Vitamin C is able to change the structure, appearance and health of your skin! Rich in antioxidants, it helps in the production of collagen, significantly reduces acne as it has anti-inflammatory properties and delays the appearance of wrinkles. This vitamin penetrates deep into the skin and acts to neutralize free radicals that are toxic to skin cells. At the same time, it promotes new collagen synthesis. And the results are obvious! The skin has an improved structure and is soft.

Tip: Choose beauty products that contain vitamin C.

How much vitamin C can you use? : It depends on your skin type. You can use 5% around the sensitive eye area. 10% for dry or sensitive skin. 15% for all skin types. 20% can be used mainly by men.


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